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Apotheke Fragrance


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Fragrance Oil Lavender Chamomile - An aromatic and fruity scent for your home

If you like aromatic and fruity smells, you will have your real pleasure with the fragrance oil of the Apotheke Fragrance brand. The fragrance oil is composed of the following essences:Cedar wood, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender and orange. With this composition you will get your very individual fragrance into your four walls. It is a striking fragrance, but at the same time sporty and refreshing. Perfect to relax and to leave a stressful working day behind. The fragrance oil is put into an oil burner. This is also available here in the shop of the brand of the same name. Of course you can also use oil burners from other manufacturers.

If you want to make a gift to others, the Fragrance Oil Lavender Chamomile is a good choice. You alone know your friends and family best. Whether for a birthday or any other occasion, it doesn't matter. The Fragrance Oil is suitable for every occasion. So let your loved ones have a part in this unique and well-scented oil.

Fragrances from Japan that conquer the world

Humanity has been dealing with the subject of fragrances for countless years. Therefore, fragrances have an extraordinary acceptance in society and enjoy great popularity. No matter whether with women, men, in their own home or on home textiles. The owner of Apotheken Fragrance is also enthusiastic about the variety of fragrances. He acquired extensive knowledge about fragrances.

However, when he returned to his home country Japan, he unfortunately had to find out that some of these breathtaking scents could not be found here. So he decided to start his own business.

When he founded the company, he was particularly concerned about values such as craftsmanship. Consequently, all products are always made by hand with the finest craftsmanship. Thus the products get their unique quality. Because mass production was out of the question right from the start. In addition, the company also attaches great importance to sustainability and thus manufactures its products in a very environmentally friendly way.

With the Fragrance Oil Lavender Chamomile you can dive into another world of fragrances. The high quality of the products is clearly visible here.


  • 29.5 ml
  • Made in Japan
  • cedar wood, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, orange juice

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