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Apotheke Fragrance

Fragrance Oil - OAKMOSS&AMBER

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Fragrance Oil Oakmoss & Amber: The fragrance for a fresh breeze

No matter how old you are or whether you're a man or a woman. The Fragrance Oil Oakmoss & Amber is suitable for everyone. The fragrance is composed of sage and lavender herbs, amber aroma and a lush, woody touch of musk. This combination creates a fresh and aromatic fragrance. The fragrance of Fragrance Oil Oakmoss & Amber is evenly distributed throughout the room and ensures a long-lasting effect. The oil is simply put into an oil burner. You can also find an oil burner of the brand Apotheke Fragrance in our shop. But you can also use oil burners from other manufacturers. Due to the high quality of the scented oil, the smell remains in the room for a very long time.

And whether it's for Christmas or a birthday, the Apotheke Fragrance brand's scented oils are suitable for every occasion.

Manual work as a sign of quality

Fragrances have always played a major role in the history of mankind. Whether young or old. Everyone has at some time or another perceived a scent that has never let go. And the same is true of the fragrance products from the Apotheke Fragrance brand. In 2011, the owner founded the company because of his passion for fragrances. Because he loves to experiment with fragrances and bring new creations to the market.

Before he started his own business, he learned the craft of combining different fragrances in different perfumeries. When he returned to Japan, however, he noticed that these fragrances were missing in his home country. Thereupon he decided to start his own business.

During the production he attaches great importance to manual work. That is why Apotheke Fragrance does not focus on quantity, but on quality. In addition, the production process is very environmentally friendly. These are essential values on which he built his company.

So you can buy the fragrance products and the matching accessories from Apotheke Fragrance with a clear conscience. Because the products are not only of unique quality, but also of environmentally friendly production.


  • 29.5 ml
  • Made in Japan

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