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Danzo Studio

Landscape Basic

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Danzo Landscape Basic - The small all-purpose weapon against the clutter on your desk

Do you know it too? You sit at your desk at home or at work and the work piles up in rows? Little by little you don't even realize that you are sitting at a desk and everything looks more like a battlefield? With Denzo Landscape Basic you can bring order back into the chaos on your desk and make the small parts disappear as if by magic.

The company Danzo was founded by Wei-Lun Tsung in Teiphe only in 2013. Due to multicultural influences, Danzo aims to establish itself as a designer brand all over the world and to design products that meet the high quality standards.

What exactly is the Danzo Landscape Basic?

The Danzo Landscape Basic is a kind of small table box made of aluminium. It makes it possible to arrange all the small parts that are on a desk. It can be used to store wallets, small change, pens or paper clips. A special function is that the boxes can be stacked on top of each other. This makes it possible to create even more storage space for small items and the Danzo Landscape Basic thus serves as a storage for small items. Consequently, the small table box not only offers the advantage of saving space at your desk, but is itself quite space-saving.

The pattern on the surface consists of a special aluminium alloy and a high quality oxidation. It is therefore best to avoid major scratches on the surface. So if you have a cluttered desk, the Danzo Landscape Basic is the right product for you. Not only because of the already described advantages, but also as a real eye-catcher on your desk. It is not for nothing that the young company wants to produce particularly beautifully designed products. Of course you can also use the Danzo Landscape Basic in other areas, where mainly small parts are in use, e.g. on the dressing table, for smaller pieces of jewellery or on your tool table etc. The table boxes are available in the colours white and "raw".


  • Aluminium alloy
  • 16 cm x 10.5 cm x 3 cm
  • approx. 300g


LANDSCAPE from Danzo Studio on Vimeo.

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