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Die Gestalten Publishing House

Scandinavia Dreaming

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  • special design
  • unusual, partly still unknown brands from all over the world
  • high grade
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Nordic houses, interior decoration and design

Nordic design has two personalities. On the one side sits the open, bright, friendly and democratic voter. And on the other side there is its capricious counterpart: simple and refined, timeless and traditional and deeply rooted in the sensations and juxtapositions of nature. Within the lines of tiled roofs, created from the presence of nearby clay deposits and large windows that let in light during the shorter winter days, a glimpse of this particular thread of craftsmanship awaits.

Craftsmen fresh from the design school breathe life into the customary use of tiles, wood, glass, ceramics and other common Nordic materials. Profiles of brands that have influenced and brought to the fore the Nordic design language tell a fascinating story: a journey through a vast world of style and heritage. Design studios such as Hay, Ferm Living and Frama are highlighted and praised for their ideas, while at the same time paying tribute to Scandinavian aesthetics and the need for a space to be both liveable and logical. Finnish home textiles by Klaus Haapeniemi and Kustaa Saksi show that art and decoration are not mutually exclusive.

Transferable to your own four walls

The projects within Scandinavia Dreaming can be transferred to any four walls and readily invite transformation from the side to reality. Using anecdotes from people who live in them and those who exist in other parts of the creative community, Scandinavia Dreaming tells the story of a design school known worldwide for its effortless combination of classic restraint and warm materials.


  • 24 × 30 cm
  • Editor: Angel Trinidad
  • Colour print, hardcover
  • 288 pages
  • Printed in Germany

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