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field notes

Carpenter Pencils (3 pack)

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Stay where you put it: Carpenter Pencil in a 3-pack from Field Notes

When the carpenter is measuring the roof beam, he cannot use a pencil that rolls away. That's why he has a special carpenter pencil with him, just like the Carpenter Pencil from Field Notes. Zimmermann pencils are stable, have a rectangular shape and are ideal for making markings on various surfaces, whether they are rough or smooth. The pencil fits easily into a folding rule pocket - but of course the most casual way to carry it is to carry it behind your ear like a real carpenter. After all, according to the manufacturer, not only the pens but also most ears are suitable for it.

Robust Zimmerer pencils for a variety of tasks

Due to its special shape, a special carpenter sharpener is required to sharpen the Carpenter Pencil. However, it can also be sharpened easily with a knife or with rough sandpaper. On building sites it is common practice to simply place the pencil on a suitable surface at an angle and prepare it for use, for example on a concrete wall. The Carpenter Pencil from field notes has a length of 7 inches, or about 17.8 cm.
Here in the Shop you can buy the robust Carpenter Pencil from Field Notes in a cheap 3-pack.

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  • quarter inch
  • FSC certified wood

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