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true utility


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Keytool Keychain - The smallest multitool in the world!

Do you also know the problem that every now and then small problems occur on the road? For example, wearers of glasses often have a problem with their screws on their glasses. For whatever reason, they loosen after a certain time and you never have the right tool to tighten the screws again. Or your nail tears while working and you want to fix the problem immediately? Of course you don't carry a nail file around in your pocket all the time. Or you need tweezers to pull a splinter out of your finger? For all these little problems there is the Keytool.

The Keytool from true utility is the smallest multitool in the world. With the tool you are protected from all the little problems that can happen to you on the road. Because as the name suggests, the tool is attached to the key ring. The tool encloses one of your keys, so that no unnecessary space on your key ring is wasted. If you did not know that you had the tool on your key ring, you would not even notice it. This is how small and light the Keytool is.

These functions are included in the Keytool:

a bottle opener; a nail file; a thread cutter; a large screwdriver; a medium screwdriver; a spectacle screwdriver; a fingernail cleaner; tweezers

The key ring is made of high quality stainless steel. Therefore a long lifetime of the keytool is guaranteed. Removing the tool is as easy as putting it over the key. The tool is ready for use in less than a second.

The Keytool is an excellent gift. Whether for Christmas or a birthday. Your relatives and friends will thank you for it! It is especially popular with men, as this tool radiates a certain MacGyver vibe.

You can't go wrong with the perfect price-performance ratio. Add the tool to your shopping cart now, so that if you have a small problem on the road, you have the right tool with you immediately!


  • Brass casing
  • Solid copper tip /
  • Stainless steel money clip
  • length: 71mm
  • width: 44mm
  • depth: 4mm

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