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Firestash+ The waterproof lighter for the road!

Do you know the problem that you would like to light a cigarette? Or someone asks you for a light and you don't have a lighter in your pocket again? Or you would like to light a candle and you can't find a lighter in the house? With the Firestash+ this won't happen anymore. Gone are the times when you didn't have a fire with you. Because the Firestash+ will be your new constant companion.

The Firestash+ is a small but nice lighter that can be attached to your key ring. The quick-release fastener ensures that the lighter is attached to your bunch of keys within seconds.

With a size of 72mm the lighter is really small. Due to its minimal size, the Firestash+ is hardly noticeable on your key ring. This is of course also due to the high quality material that was used to produce it. The brushed zinc alloy reminds of a luxurious and noble design. This in turn has a minimalist but at the same time aesthetic effect. Right from the moment you unpack, you will notice that you are holding a high quality product in your hands.

The design makes your Firestash+ like a chameleon. The great thing about this little lighter is that it is absolutely waterproof. So you don't have to worry about it when it starts pouring out of buckets. The screw cap is designed to prevent water from entering. This of course gives the lighter an exceptionally long life. You can easily refill the lighter with lighter fuel.

The Firestash+ is also absolutely suitable as a gift for any occasion. Whether Christmas or birthday. The lighter is not an everyday object, so you have a high-quality and individual small gift ready. Your friends will love it!

For its high quality and long life, the price-performance ratio is unbeatable. If you always want to have fire with you, put your Firestash+ in your shopping cart now!


  • High quality fine stamped stainless steel
  • Anodised aluminium in aircraft quality
  • Length: 45mm
  • width: 15mm
  • depth: 15mm

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