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Nakajima Jukyudo

Tsunago Pencil Sharpener and Pencil holder

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Tsunago pencil sharpener & pencil holder: A special feature

You surely know the problem that a pencil loses length after a certain time. Of course this takes some time, but at some point every pencil has its day. It is simply too short at some point to be used any longer. So what do you do? Usually it is thrown away, although there is still a good piece left. The problem is at school, at home and at work. The Tsunago Pencil Holder solves exactly this problem! With its help you can shape your pencils that are too short into a new pencil. For example, if you have 3 short pencils that you can no longer use, the Tsunago Pencil Holder can shape these 3 pieces back into a usable pencil. This is not only a huge favour for the environment, but also for your wallet. Instead of having to buy a new pencil, you make a new one from your pencil remains.

How does the Tsunago sharpener work?

The manufacturing company is Nakajima Jukyodo, which only produces pencil sharpeners. Their blades are known for their high quality.

The Tsunago Pencil Holder has 3 holes for the pencil rests. First you have to push the blunt end of a too short pencil into the 1st hole and turn it clockwise. Do the same with a second remnant in hole 2, but with the tip and not the blunt end. Now insert the last remnant with the tip into hole 3 and turn clockwise as well.

Now you have 3 machined pieces in front of you. Last but not least you have to glue these 3 pieces together with a little wood glue. When this is done, the new pencil is ready. Since the wood glue still has to dry, it is best to wait a little before using the new pencil. If different pencils (a large selection can be found in the stationery category) are used for this process, great and unique patterns can be created. In this way you will get your own personal pencil at the end of the process. Another sharpener from Nakajima Jukyodo is the No.531s sharpener.

The wood glue is not included in the delivery!


You can find detailed instructions for the product here: Instructions for the Tsunago pencil sharpener

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