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Keep their promises: Staples Zenith 130 (6/4 - 6/6)

At the latest when the paper is damaged or the staple gets stuck again, consumers notice that there are also remarkable differences in quality and functionality of staples. The staples Zenith 130 from Balma Capoduri & C. SPA differ from other comparable products simply because of their special production. The Zenith 130 staple from the Italian company with a long tradition is formed and ground in machines made especially for this purpose - so that it optimally fulfils its task of penetrating the paper with razor-sharp precision.

Order staples suitable for the stapler

Staples can be made of various metals - for example, Zenith brand staples are made of aluminium or Monet alloy or galvanized wire. Staples are also produced in different heights and widths, an industry standard exists only for the 24/6 format. While for this standard format the first value indicates the thickness of the wire used, the second value indicates the leg length. For the staples Zenit, on the other hand, the width (e.g. 6 mm) and height (e.g. 4 mm) of the staples are specified exactly.

When purchasing, it is therefore advisable to match staples, staplers and unstaplers from the same manufacturer - for example, the Zenith 548 plier stapler, the Zenith 130 staples and the Zenith 580 staple remover.

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